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Easy Charity Fundraising


You’ve decided on the venue 

You've planned your schedule.

You’ve finalised the menu.

You’ve sold all your tickets .

You’ve organised fund-raising.

What else do you need to do to make sure your fund-raising event is a huge success?

How about booking a service to help you raise even more money that is: Totally risk-free with absolutely no outlay! Designed to take less than 20 seconds out of your schedule!! A great addition to existing auctions and raffles Guaranteed to raise significant extra profit for you.

This is the service offered by Signedmemorabilia4u.com.

We have been trading authentic autographed sporting memorabilia since 2003 and in that time we have become one of the leading suppliers of items to fund-raising dinners and similar events. Our unique table/auction service has been employed by some of the top event-organisers in the country and we have helped raise many thousands for our clients since we began. All of this has been funding on top of money already raised from ticket sales and the organisers' own auctions and raffles. Our table auction works as an add-on to the standard fund-raising dinner or event and is guaranteed to increase your funds raised. If you are organising a fund-raising event and are interested in receiving even more money while adding only 20 seconds to your current schedule, please take a few moments to read the process.


How can signedmemorabilia4u help you make more money from your fund-raising events? Large profits from table auctions .A silent/table auction supported by Signedmemorabilia4u.com acting as agents is a simple and cost-effective way to raise large amounts of additional revenue with as little effort on your part as possible. 95% of our clients chose to run one of our silent/table auctions alongside their own regular auctions and raffles. In many cases, clients have benefited from five-figure profits from the auctions we run on behalf of event organisers alone and often the money we raise becomes the biggest fund-raiser of the night. No risk!! Absolutely no expenditure is required for our services - any costs are simply deducted from the money raised on the night. All items are supplied on a sale or return basis and auctioned with minimum bid values that ensure additional funds if sold, so the client cannot possibly lose money. Upto 70% of the funds raised go to the cause and 30% to us as administration charge for supporting the auction, therefore the onus is on us to raise as much as possible for you. No hassle our staff do all the work for you, from displaying and parading the items during the event and answering any questions your guests may have about the items, to taking payments and following up any outstanding bids. As guests are able to make their bids in their own time during the meal (on sheets we provide) minimal time out of your schedule is required - just a simple announcement at the start of the meal to explain the bidding procedure, which we also supply the script for. Great items- Signedmemorabilia4u.com are one of the leading suppliers of sports memorabilia in the country, with signed items from top names such as Sir Geoff Hurst, Brian Clough, Frank Bruno, Sir Henry Cooper, Sir Garfield Sobers, Maradona and Pele. All of our signed products are presented in excellent framed displays and supplied with Certificates of Authenticity. We supply these to you on a sale or return basis at unbeatable cost prices. Tailored to your needs We can adapt our silent/table auction to your particular event. Our stock allows us to select specific items to maximise your chances of high bids. For instance, an auction in London we could include a range of items from football clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham and so on, while an event at a cricket club could be provided with signed pictures and bats from the biggest names in the sport. Satisfaction for your guests All our items are delivered to winning bidders on your behalf within 14 days, completely free of charge. We have a dedicated customer service phone line and an exemplary record of dealing with problems quickly and efficiently, so your guests will be completely satisfied with their purchases. We can also provide items to be auctioned on the night and taken away by the winning guests. A Coa and documentation would follow.


Our team will arrive at your venue a few hours before the event is due to start and set up for the silent auction. We require one or two tables and an area in which to display our items, preferably near the entrance so guests see them as they arrive. We will also place a bidding sheet listing all the items and their minimum bids at each seating place so your guests can browse the selection and make bids at their leisure. On average we require less than 30 minutes to set up and will not need to utilise any of your own staff. Throughout the evening our staff will be on hand to answer and questions your guests who are interested may have about the memorabilia or the auction itself. The only thing we ask of you is that your compère makes a short announcement at the start of proceedings to explain the auction process, which we will supply the script for. At some point during the meal a few members of our team will parade the items around the tables so guests can have a close look at them. Towards the end of the meal, usually between the main course and dessert, our staff will collect the bidding sheets from all the tables. We will then work out who the winning bidders are for each item and politely arrange delivery and payment. We usually give bidders the option to pay on the night with a credit card, cheque or cash, or provide contact details so we can obtain payment at a later date. All of this is tailored to suit your schedule and we will agree with you beforehand at which points all of the above shall be carried out so we are not interrupting any important parts of your event's programme. Because of our experience operating at this kind of event, you can trust our staff to be discreet and diligent at all times.


The amount of money raised at each event we attend can vary a lot depending on a number of factors. The important thing to remember is that, whatever happens, anything we do raise on your behalf is additional funding for you. The following recent examples show the broad range of results we achieve from attending different types of events with varying numbers of guests. The figures given are the (approximate) final totals received by the event-organisers from the silent auctions and don't include any money they raised from their own auctions. If the event you are organising matches one of the descriptions below you could expect to receive an additional sum in the same region as that listed from booking our services. But whatever the figure we raise for you, it will be an extra source of revenue with absolutely no outlay and very little effort on your part.

Recent examples:

Our silent auction raised £3,200 at a sportsmans' dinner in London that was attended by 300 people.

We attended a ball for a children's charity in Oxford with 150 people and raised £2,900.

At a golf day in Yorkshire for 70 players we raised £1,200 of additional revenue.

At a football dinner at the Alveston Manor Stratford upon Avon with 120 guests we raised over £600.

At a Rugby Club Dinner day in Warwickshire for 70 players we raised £400 of additional revenue.

As you can see, we cater for a wide range of events and can help at yours no matter where it features on the scale. There is no fund-raising event, no matter how big or small, where the extra revenue from a silent/table auction from Signedmemorabilia4u.com would not be useful.


We have a wide range of items we are able to provide for your event which we can tailor to meet you needs and maximize the fund-raising potential of the auction. All of the signed items are 100% authentic and are supplied to winning bidders with Certificates of Authenticity. We supply all of our auction items framed with the highest presentation standards. We normally bring between 4 and 12 items to each auction.


Signedmemorabilia4u.com have the highest standards for our signed items. The majority of our autographs are obtained in private signing sessions. These sessions are either organised by ourselves or by sporting agents on our behalf and the sports person in question receives a fee for each item they sign. We do this to be sure we are supplying our clients with genuine items that will retain their value and protect them from the large number of fake items that are on the market. When we deliver the items to winning bidders on your behalf, we include a signed Certificate of Authenticity which is our guarantee that the item is genuine.

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