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Authentic Music, Film & Sports Memorabilia!

Who is Signed Memorabilia 4U??

signedmemorabilia4u.com is a new brand name of signedcollectables4u.com and is a new signed memorabilia eCommerce site. We have been dealing in signed memorabilia and authentic autographs since 2003 and are based in Warwickshire, England. We exclusively deal with authentic, original autographs. No prints, or imitations. Whether it's football club memorabilia, signed rugby shirts, or football shirts or even signed albums or signed guitars- let us help!

How can I be sure your memorabilia is genuine?

Basically, because WE are sure. We mostly buy memorabilia and autographs at private signing sessions, or where conclusive proof can be provided of the celebrity signing. In most instances, it is the management company of the sportsperson , film star, or music celebrity that has been paid directly for the autographs we have obtained. When do utilise other memorabilia or autograph dealers we only buy from those with the best of reputations, and those who are able to provide us with the same proof and reassurances that we like to provide our customers with? After all, we wouldn't expect you to buy a piece of beautiful, unique football memorabilia... or a signed guitar or autographed photo without being 100% sure it was authentic.

What Reassurances do you provide?

Every signed item that we sell comes with a hand signed certificate of authenticity. This is our personal guarantee to you that the autographs you have purchased are genuine. As well as this, many of our items arrive at you with photographs from the signing sessions, or event where the memorabilia was signed- or even letters confirming the signing date/ details. Remember, we ONLY deal in 100% authentic, and original autographs

What if I'm still not satisfied?

All of our items come with an iron-clad, money back, satisfaction guarantee. So, if you're not happy you simply return the item within 30 days,in the same condition you received it- and we give you a full refund. We will also replace or repair an item that has become damaged in transit or does not appear 'up to standard' on arrival to you.

How can you sell your items so cheaply when similar items are so expensive om other sites?

There are 2 main reasons for our low prices. The first is the volume of memorabilia we deal in. We can negotiate the best prices, and organise large signing sessions and events. The second is our in-house framing service- which means we're not paying extra to have our items framed and displayed professionally.

Why do you sell all of your items framed?

Framed, and original unique signed memorabilia is not only much better for displaying on your wall- But it's significantly more valuable. Which, makes it a great investment.  Customers who buy unframed items are often disappointed when their order arrives and it's stuffed in a jiffy bag, and just doesn't have the  'wow factor' they were hoping for. We want you to be super pleased with the new addition to your autograph collection.

Can you frame and present memorabilia I already have.

Yes- we sure can. Our bespoke framing service is on hand for all of your framing needs. In addition, we can often provide these services much more cost-effectively than other framing companies.

Can I use your items for charity fundraising?

We actually have an entire division of Signed Memorabilia 4 U dedicated to charity fundraising, and assisting non-profit organisations. The best news? You don't have to buy a single item from us, in order to raise thousands. The fund-raising comes first! Contact us on 01789 589 028 to discuss this further with us!

I have some memorabilia I think may be valuable- will you buy it from me?

No. Due to difficulty authenticating items we do not buy or acquire our stock in this way. So, please do not send these enquiries to us.